Volunteers Meeting: April 2015

Volunteers Meeting

Tuesday 21st April 2015

10:30am – 1:30pm

Cornerstone House – CR0 2XX


(The meeting did not start on time as scheduled, some volunteers had to be waited on while those present commenced with mingling and having light snacks – Tea & Biscuits)

Volunteers meeting officially commenced at 11am with the following volunteers.



Group 1                                   Group 2                                  Late                          Apologise

Lurline                                    Kalika                                    Latoya                       Althea

Lola                                          Dorothy                                Dinah                         Jean

Leroy                                       Natalie                                                                      Gloria

Paulette                                                                                                                       Doreen


Welcome & Opening prayer: Dorothy welcomed everyone to the meeting and asked if there is any objection to having prayer. Leroy asked if people can be excused or allowed to practice their own faith without taking part in the prayer. Dorothy replied that the ethos of the ministry is “…….regardless of faith or background”. On this note, Lola was asked to open the meeting with prayer, which she did.

Ice breaker: Dorothy conducted this activity which is to be done in 5min.

Everyone was given a number and put into two groups (see group list above).

The activity was for people within the group to conduct a brief interview to one another to discover likes, dislikes, reasons for volunteering, hobbies, favourite sport etc. Everyone was to give one expectation from the session.


After 5 minute, everyone was to introduce someone from their group and talk  about them. Just as the second aspect of the activity was about to commence, Leroy had to excuse himself to attend to a volunteer who had difficulty locating the office premises (so he left the minute briefly).


Members of group 1 introduced themselves but felt they didn’t have enough time to get to know each other. Dorothy interject stating that time management and knowing one another was one of the aims of the activity and she would have expected that members of group 1 had split into two mini groups and conducted the interview and swapping within half the time. On this note, group 1 managed to talk about each members of their team and they were welcomed on board with clapping.


Members of group 2 also did likewise by introducing who they interviewed, within this group, one members favourite sport is volleyball and she was in a team which  played even overseas for tournament (upon hearing this, everyone was excited and requesting if the ministry could have a volleyball team ). Members of group 2 were equally welcomed with clapping.


Leroy, Dinah and Latoya came in right after the ice breaker activity finished.


Dorothy briefly introduced each volunteer to the group stating who they were and what they do.


Following on from the introduction, the minutes from last meeting was read by Kalika and Latoya. A minor adjustment was made to the minute that was read with regards to statement regarding ‘Disciplinary actions taken, if volunteers don’t sign in or out’. Dorothy stated that it is not written within the ministry policy of any disciplinary action taken if volunteers don’t sign in or out, however, she made emphasis on the importance of following the office procedure. On this note, the minute was signed and dated by Dorothy and second by Lola and the signed minute is kept within the volunteers meeting folder.


The following agenda covered after reading of the last minute was upcoming events & activities.


Lola briefly introduced the activities that would be taking place within the ministry giving everyone an awareness of the context of each project.


The following projects were mentioned:


  • Dependency 2 Change: focus on hard to reach young girls aged 13years to 19years.


The aim of project is to engage socially and economically deprived girls by the provision of creating skills, increasing a positive attitude , social skills and career aspirations and improving community cohesion promoting inclusion and belonging. The proposed date to commence on this project is fixed for six weeks from July to August 2015.


  • Sisters Working Together: for women of all ages and background sharing their skills with one another. The aim is to improve cohesion amongst women. Project start date is yet to be confirmed.
  • Healing Wound: this project is for women and its target audience is specific to particular streets dealing with various life issues. The activities will be service user led. Start date is yet to be confirmed.
  • Lunch Time Networking: this is a project that aims to promote MOE into the wider community starting with the Croydon Voluntary Action, then moving into the Black Minority Ethnic Forum and further into wider organisations. One of the objective of this networking is also to launch the catering service of the ministry into the wider community for recognition and requests.


Volunteers collectively agreed that the networking should take place once every month starting from May possibly the last Friday of each month for 2 hours (12noon – 2pm), having a fixed price (Dorothy emphasised on presentation being a big a major issue as the aim is to get others to request for the catering service after the meeting)


(In-depth details about each project can be requested from Dorothy)


After the brief explanation of each project given by Lola, Dorothy went further to explain in depth each project and at the end, everyone was given a volunteering opportunity sheet (copy can be requested) to tick all the projects/activities they see themselves fitting in. The following two questions were asked in the opportunity sheet:

  • How do you see yourself fitting in and why?
  • How would you monitor your success


Volunteers were given time to answer the questions and submitted by the end of the meeting with their names.


Another issue that was addressed after was web publicity of the ministry.


Leroy suggested that the ministry should have a forum page on the charity website whereby visitors to the site can freely discuss topics and get counselled at the same time. He volunteered to be one of the moderators for the forum and Latoya also volunteered to assist with moderating the discussion.


Paulette and Leroy will appointed by Dorothy to sort out all materials and electronics needed for IT publications such as external server for backup, laptops, ID badges, membership packs, flyers & poster for upcoming projects, catering menu list etc.


Paulette suggested that the ministry to have a uniformed shirt for all volunteers that can be worn during any event as this would help with charity promotion.


A mini break was taken for five minute.


The next agenda on the list after the break was Outreach Presentation (part 2) coordinated by Latoya.


The presentation was immensely detailed explaining how volunteers and staffs are to work smartly and productively when attending to any of the projects listed above. Pointers on what to look out for and where to go during outreach outings and procedures to follow was stated such as: outings should be done in pairs of two volunteers (one carrying out the presentation, the other writing observations and minute during any meeting), meetings and actions should be written in office diary and someone at the office should know volunteers where about during outreach outing for security purposes. Venues such as GP surgeries, after school clubs, bingo centres, mother & baby unit etc are target venue to get service users.


Latoya mentioned the importance of call sheet that enables volunteers know what organisation or persons have been contacted, when they were contacted and action taken. The call sheet is to avoid repetition of calls to the same person.


Other Information given was the use of web pages such as street review uk, National statistics. These web pages give information about people, crime, education, council and house price graph. This information is to aid in having survey questionnaire to help know what the needs of people in that street are.


Latoya’s presentation gave further understanding on each project and from volunteers’ response, they all felt equipped with sufficient information and ready to start the preparation for projects.


On this note, the formal aspect of the volunteers meeting came to a close and followed by lunch.


For lunch, Lurline brought some food (rice & peas, curry chicken & salad)


Everyone had a lovely time dinning and wining together and during this moment, Lola and Kalika came in to the office presenting a birthday cake to Dorothy and Lurline (their birthday was earlier in the month). Latoya rendered prayer to both celebrants and pictures taken and merriment commenced with laughter, food and Joy.


On this note, volunteers meeting officially closed.


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