Volunteer Profile – Sharon Mullings


Sharon Mullins, YIP Coordinator/W2W adviser

Sharon Mullins, YIP Coordinator/W2W adviser

Ms Sharon Mullings

Job Title/s:
W2W adviser/YIPP Coordinator

Job Description:
Provide service users with advise on personal development and life skills
Liaise with other organisations
Monitoring, supporting and motivating with their work
Monitoring and evaluating activites
Planning activities, holding workshops, providing career advice for youth

When did you start working at the Ministry of Empowerment?
I started Monday 20th March 2014

Why did you decide to do voluntary work?
I I have been doing voluntary work for other organisations for for 10 years and i found it to be very rewarding helping people and helping them achieve their personal goals in life.

Why have you stayed at the Ministry of Empowerment?
MOE has so many things I like about it. I attend a choir which is most uplifting and enlightening and I feel like i am part of a family where everyone is so friendly and accommodating to individual needs.
I have been in the choir now for over a year and as i know the ladies there was an opportunity for me to volunteer, i was more than happy to join.

Would you recommend working at the MoE to your friends. If yes, why?
I would most certainly recommend this organisation to people and i have also invited some friends to join as they have started a few weeks now.

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  1. Michael Kors says:

    A great insight into what it means to be a volunteer. Thanks