Spring Retreat 2015 Testimonials

“The whole weekend was enjoyable.   The worship was good. I am so blessed.”

“As it was my first retreat, I did not know what to expect but expectations but I am returning home with lots of joy.  I have gained new friends.  I have a prayer partner. Everyone was so friendly.”

“New anointing.  New tongues.  New dance.”

“All my expectation were met and exceeded. I mixed with spiritual ladies and we shared our life experiences. ”

“I came here expecting The Lord to do great things and indeed great things He has done.  Bless the bane of The Lord.”

“I enjoyed a spirit filled weekend as usual. Was able to pass on much of my life experiences and wisdom to the younger ladies.  They appreciated and enjoyed this.”

“A very welcoming environment, lovely scenery.  Ladies sociable and friendly.  I felt very welcomed and at home.  We engaged and enjoyed various activities, art &craft also a time of singing and sharing.  We were able to rest, relax, make friends, encourage one another.  I wish it could have been a longer stay.”

“Firstly I thank God for making it possible for me to attend. It has been an up lifting and refreshing experience for me.  I have gained added strength for my walk The Lord and I give God all the glory.  My God continue to bless the Ministry of Empowerment -women’s Ministry.”

“It is well, Praise The Lord.”

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