Spring Retreat 2015 Memories…From Doreen Mengot

From Doreen Mengot:

A group of ladies left for a spring retreat to Windmill Farm in Oxfordshire for a long weekend, which was to last from Friday 10th April to Sunday 12th April. Having gone last year (2014), I was very much looking forward to spending this weekend with the ladies.

We left Croydon around 9.30am and picked up some of the other ladies on the way to the farm. On arrival, we started the retreat by doing stretches outside before going inside the house to do prayers for safe arrival, this was then followed by a consecration prayer which also took place in the house.

After prayers, rooms were allocated and we all helped to take the bags and cases into the rooms to get settled. It was soon time for lunch; which gave us all an opportunity to sit together, mingle and get to know each other. As it was a beautifully sunny day, we were able to do this outside in the garden and enjoy the surroundings, along with seeing some sheep.

We had a programme in place, which we followed during the course of our stay and everything we did was wonderful. The prayers, praise and worship were endless and very enjoyable. Everyone became involved. At meal times, the food was organised and prepared by small groups of ladies, from laying the table to washing up.

One of the exercises that we all did on Saturday was creative worship. This was so well done that everyone was presented with a gift bag to give a friend within the group. This friend would be known as a prayer friend and it was to signify a promise to keep in touch. On Sunday, we had a beautiful thanksgiving meal before leaving to head back to London. There was also a group photo session, which was done before our departure.

The whole experience was so wonderful and exceptionally good. I had such a spiritual and uplifting experience that would last me a life time. I will certainly go again next year.

Thanks to the Women’s Ministry.

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