Rise and Shine – November 2015

Co-ordinator: Min Althea
Topic: Mind of Christ
Scripture: Philippians 2:5

What does the mind of Christ look like?

Cross ref: Philippians 4:8, Isaiah 1: 18, Col 2:3

The Lord said unto Joshua, this book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth but thought shall meditate therein day & night (Joshua 1:8)

To know the mind of Christ, we must meditate on his laws & precepts.

His words reveals to us his Mind. His mind reveals aspects of his glory. His Glory words ain’t enough to describe.

Yet he reassures you & I, let my mind be in you (a mind of peace, holiness, Faith, philippians 4:8 )

Through prayer, the Lord enables us to know what his thoughts are.

Stop & Think What would Jesus Do? Whenever you are faced with challenging situations.

Above all, Love of Christ Reveals Mind of Christ


Written by Lola Adeyi
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