May Early Morning Conference Call

“What I take away from this morning’s prayer is that our strength and source is God. He never fails. He will not slumber or sleep in the midst of our troubles. Another thing that touched me this morning was Sis Faith prayer expressing how God wants us to LOVE. It really makes me think about an issue I face at the moment. Praise the Lord!!”👏👏👏
Sis Natalie”I am so so grateful that confirmation of where you are or how you feel should not hinder your ministry or  our praise to the Almighty God. 👏This morning prayer session as Min Althea reminds us that everything happens by God’s divine will.I was strengthen by everyone’s encouraging Words and prayers.The scripture reading Psalm 121 was so fitting and I believed every action and thought was guided by the Lord.What a privilege to come boldly before His throne this morning. To rise early. To seek His face. To wait in anticipation.  God delivered.Amen🙏”  sis Val
” Thank you all sisters, it was a morning to remember that our God is ALWAYS with us in everything we do and say…He is our strength, and we MUST lift our EYES to him at all time.   All have a blessed weekend.”   🌷🌷 sis Lorna
” It has been a joyous experience to pray with you all in the conference call.” 🍃🍀💐
sis Faith
🙏Psalm 121 – The encouragements were so rich and sweet from so many sisters .
🙏 The Prayers,  uplifting,  and comforting.
🙏 My SOUL rejoices in hearing today from the Minister “LET ALL That I Am PRAISE THE Lord”
🙏The Soul, the Spirit. The body ,  praise the LORD👏Was sooo glad that I was able to participate this morning , sure was awesome .
❤ -”    sis Jean
Women’s Ministry Monthly Early Morning Conference Call May

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