January 2016 – Rise and Shine

Early Morning Prayer & Praise

Edition: January 2016

Co-ordinator: Lola & Angelica

Topic: Stepping over 2016 – I will Arise

Sub topic: Finding God on the Inside

Scripture: Psalm 3:1-8

The ‘Right Message’ given at the appropriate time is considered or viewed in same respect as handling a ‘Master Key’ to all doors.

Overview of Message

‘Stepping over 2016’ – ‘I will Arise’ with sub topic ‘Finding God on the Inside’ are three (3) messages wrapped in one sermon for the start of a New Year 2016.

In order to Step, a conscious action needs to take place with movement from body, mind and soul.

Hence, stepping over 2016 requires that individuals are willing to cross over, go beyond boundaries (lines, protocols) to get to the desired destination (results).

Question 1a: Are individuals willing (challenged) enough to step over? And if they are,

Question 1b: What are the processes (routes) in place to step over 2016?


While pondering on this question, a definite statement is made – I will Arise.

Question 2: Who is the statement intended for and by whom is it spoken of or about.


One might argue that ‘Jesus Christ’ is speaking to his children that ‘He will Arise’

On another note, one might say a personal declaration to self-reassuring ‘self’ of desire and willingness to Arise – ‘I will’

In contrast to the above two statements, one might interject that the enemy also makes such a statement as a reference point to their motives.

However, for the purpose of Christ & self, the first two perspectives combine to form a definite conclusion that assures Christians that, in 2016, the Lord is ready to ‘Arise’ and use willing vessels to show forth his mighty works like never before for his glory and edification of the body.

Hence, Christians are encouraged to stay Awake (stand fast) and be willing to Step Over boundaries in order for the proclamation of the Gospel.


The Gospel – ‘Good News’ – About Christ

This brings us to the final and most important aspect of the sermon – Finding God on the Inside.

In order to understand the gospel which is about Christ, a relationship (desire) needs to be established.

One must take time out to discover (personally) who Christ is.  With personal discovery comes the internal understanding of what ‘Love’ is and how John 3:16 gives us the strength to Arise and Step over challenging situations to the extent of willing to die for what we believe in – Jesus Christ as the true and only Messiah.

Finding God on the inside requires ‘Internal’ worship that is not situational but dependant on the pure purpose of love and based on this love comes Revelation (answer to que.1b)

Revelation is given to those who are Awake in Christ. And to be awake in Christ means

Drinking & Holding in the living water (God) on the Inside

One of the benefits of knowing and having a relationship with Christ is the ability ‘Grace & Mercy’ gives for one’s victory to be a point of reference for others miracles.

People are able to connect, see and feel ones victory manifest in their own lives which in effect draws them closer to wanting to know Christ and this brings opportunity for the Good News to be proclaimed.


Find me (God) on the inside and I (God) will give you the strength to Arise and Step over 2016 and beyond.



Written by: Lola Adeyi

Edited by: Leroy Robinson