Healing Wounds Workshop – Moccasin: The Art of Weaving

On Monday 7th March 2016 we carried out a therapeutic workshop as part of our Healing Wounds project. This involved  moccasin weaving. For those of your who are unaware of moccasin weaving, it is the art of making products such as mats, purses and table covers by weaving the materials using knitting yarn, a frame and your hands.

The great thing about moccasin weaving is that no prior experience is necessary, just dive right in! Which, as you  can see, is what our participants did.

The Stages: Stage One

The first stage of the session was for the ladies to learn the basic techniques of weaving on a frame, as well as attaching nails to all sides of the frame.

Stage Two


The 2nd stage saw them create a base pattern. The third stage, which involves tying the knot, will be completed in the next workshop.



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