Healing Wounds Project: Wreath Making Session

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On 18th July 2016, the MOE was proud to present a wreath-making class as part of the Healing Wounds project. Many of you may not know that a wreath is a very symbolic item.  They are usually made from evergreens and are a symbol of strength. Evergreens symbolise growth and everlasting life. From a christian perspective, the  circular shape of a wreath represents the unending circle of life, the everlasting.

Wreaths can be used for birthdays, weddings, funerals or any special occasion.

The Session

The session took place at Croydon Voluntary Action, along London Road in West Croydon.

During the wreath-making session, the ladies were taught how to make different shaped wreaths using fresh flowers purchased from the flower market in Covent Garden.

They had a thoroughly enjoyable time, as you can see from the gallery of photos. In fact, so professional were the finished articles, that one lady presented her wreath at a funeral a few days later. Understandably, she was very proud of what she had achieved from scratch.

The Ministry would like to give thanks to facilitator Merle Carter for her help in this session.

About Healing Wounds

Healing Wounds – funded by the People’s Trust – is a programme of workshops and therapeutic sessions targeted at disadvantaged and vulnerable women, aged 18 years and over.

This project sets out to help build a close knit community of women on a Healing Journey within a safe and confidential environment.

To find out more contact us.

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