Healing Wounds: Hair and Beauty Sessions

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You would be mistaken for thinking , it’s a cookery session. But it’s not. As part of our Healing Wounds project, on 15th August 2016 from 10am-2pm, the MOE held a hair and beauty workshop at CVA in West Croydon. The workshops, led by Maureen Bailey (Hair Care) and Ruth Campbell (Beauty Care), was both therapeutic and informative

The ladies learned how to make hair and beauty products with fruits, vegetables and oils. Participants were given hand-outs at the end of the workshop to help continue their use of natural ingredients for their beauty regime.


About Healing Wounds

Healing Wounds – funded by the People’s Trust – is a programme of workshops and therapeutic sessions targeted at disadvantaged and vulnerable women, aged 18 years and over.

This project sets out to help build a close knit community of women on a Healing Journey within a safe and confidential environment.

To find out more contact us.

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