Four reasons your child should have music lessons

As part of our ongoing commitment towards young people, our Youth in Partnership Project (YIP) provides music lessons for children. Aside from the obvious creative elements involved in the lessons there are other benefits which perhaps are not as well known. As a reminder as to why music lessons are important, here are four reasons why music education is crucial for your child’s development.

Morgan and Maurice at a Youth in Partnership (YIP) music lesson

A YIP music lesson: As well as having lots of fun, Morgan and Maurice (left to right) are developing their creative skills and intellect.


One – When part of an orchestra, playing an instrument encourages teamwork. Even when playing alone, the skill and discipline needed to continuously attend lessons, learn the music and improve performance, stand the child in good stead for later in life.

Two – The feedback is instantaneous. When a mistake is made,  such as when a note is played in the wrong key, the student and teacher know about it right away and can correct the mistake on the spot. This allows the child to learn quicker from their mistakes.

Three – Studies have shown that children who learn to play an instrument develop areas of the brain involved in the use of processing language. It makes music students more likely to be apt at picking up a new language.

Four – There are several links between greater intelligence and the ability to play an instrument to a high level. Those who play an instrument are often able to solve problems better than those who do not. This is connected with the sort of spatial intelligence needed to play an instrument.

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