Opening soon…the Ministry of Empowerment Forum

Say hello to our new forum. It will provide a place for everyone to talk about the issues dealt with at the Ministry of Empowerment, such as, but not limited to, domestic abuse, creating a positive home environment and how to improve the academic achievements of our young people.

There may well be personal issues you find it hard to discuss in person, if so create an anonymous account and post your dilemma. Remember that uplifting stories are welcome too, as are any that are topical and involve the work we do, i.e. stories such as empowering women to participate more in sports, or encouraging young people to become more active in their communities.

We aim to provide an encouraging environment, where people can discuss, debate, disagree and ultimately respect each other’s opinion whether they agree with each other or not.

We hope to have the forum ready by the end of April so your thoughts and ideas are most welcome in the comments section.