Dorothy Johnson at International Women’s Day

On International Women’s Day (8th March 2015) between 11am and 3pm the Asian Resource Centre hosted an event at ASKI @ 30 Union Road, Croydon, CR0 2UX. The audience was made up of f Asian women, Africans, Caribbean, White British and others.

There were several speakers, women comprised of different backgrounds, such as teachers, business people, lay people, older women and children, with catering done by Mums The Chef.

MOE staff Roma, Lola Adeyi  and Dorothy Johnson  were there. The MOE’s very own Dorothy Johnson spoke about Rules in Law.  Dorothy focused on encouraging mothers to have respect for their daughters-in-law, emphasizing that mothers should let them raise their grandchildren in the way they wish to. She wasn’t advocating a hands-off approach, just advocating less interference.

The overall message was one of recognizing that certain rules needed to be adhered to if women were to enjoy each other’s company as well as their own lives. She also, quite rightly, highlighted the fact that women should not be celebrated once a year but daily by husbands, sons, daughters and their community.

At the end she sang a song called ‘Let It Go’, from the classic Disney animated film ‘Frozen’.

As part of the event, Lola took the photographs and Roma networked the event and promoted the MOE.


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