Dependency 2 Change: Calling All 13-19 Year-Olds in Croydon! The M.O.E. Needs You!

School isn’t the only place to learn!

School teaches you how to read and write, yet if you’re from a socially and economically disadvantaged background you may not necessarily be receiving the education you deserve. And, even if you are, there are often things school doesn’t teach you, such as how to be a leader and how to make better decisions that affect your life now and in the future.

That’s where our Dependency 2 Change program comes in.

If you’re a female aged between 13 and 19 then this FREE 6-week course – which runs for one day each week – will provide fun and engaging sessions to build your self-esteem, boost your confidence and improve your leadership skills.

What’s it all about?

In a word, you!

Each week a facilitator will address the group. These aren’t any old people we’ve plucked from off the street. They have stories to tell and come from backgrounds that allow them to empathise with your current situation. They offer hope. What’s more, they have skills in areas such as drama, poetry, music and the arts. Each session will allow you to participate in activities involving their chosen skills, helping you to express yourself.

However, this isn’t the type of workshop where you stand idly by while being told what to do! What makes this course unique is that you are truly empowered to take control. You’ll be encouraged to tell us what you’d like to achieve from the course. Using this as a marker we’ll be able to tailor the sessions to your specific needs and interests.

You’ll learn about

  • How to make better decisions.
  • Planning
  • How to overcome education and economic disadvantages.
  • Leadership
  • Girl gangs in Croydon
  • Literacy and numeracy and using language effectively


When are the sessions?

The sessions will take place at our offices at 14 Willis Road, CRO 3TG after school and at weekends. For further information or to book your place please email us at or call the office: 0208 684 5857 or our mobile: 07432 155 916 and speak to Dorothy or Lola.

Places are limited so first come, first served.

FREE Summer Program 4 Girls (1)

                                                            This event is funded by Croydon Council.


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