D2C Project 23 July 2015: Arts and Crafts – Two-Sided Mask Session

  • photo 1 (1)
    The girls hard at work creating their masks
  • photo 2 (1)
    The finished items
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  • photo 2
  • photo 3
  • photo 4
  • photo 1
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On the 23rd July 2015, the morning segment of our Dependency 2 Change project saw the girls take part in an arts and crafts session. The topic was divided into two questions: How does the world see you? and How do you see yourself?

The girls were tasked with making a two-sided face mask that depicted the answers. The finished products are in the gallery, and I think you’ll agree that the way we see ourselves is often totally different to the way others see us. This is an exercise we can all try.


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