Crazy Mad Fun at the MOE’s Crazy Slipper Party

The The most fun night ever. That might seem like an exaggeration, but that’s what people called our Crazy Slipper Party fundraising event. Thanks go to Gwen Madden, one of our esteemed board members, who hosted the event last December in her Nottinghamshire home from 6pm to midnight.

Attendees were required to wear fun character slippers, with money raised from the admission fee, the selling of clothes pegs (only 5p each) and auctions going towards the Ministry of Empowerment’s ongoing activities.

The evening included a variety of games, such as clothes peg, the game where the winner is the person wearing the most clothes pegs. To do this people bought clothes pegs and attached them to their person. However, there was a catch. If, throughout the course of the evening, participants uttered the forbidden word (in this instance baby), they would forfeit a peg to another participant. Participants were also allowed to ‘steal’ each other’s pegs when their adversaries weren’t paying attention.

There was also a raffle in which every participant was given a prize.

One of the highlights of the evening was the auction. Items on offer were hand-painted portraits, jewelry, cosmetics, food, home wear products and lots of other items.

The top prizes in the auction were a pampering session at a hotel, a necklace, a portrait painting and a cake. The event was very well attended, especially from those within the Nottingham area. All participants had a really fun time. Equally as important, the funds raised went top a good cause.


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