Congratulations, Dorothy Johnson!

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    A richly deserved Personal Achievment Award goes to Dorothy Johnson
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    The certificate and plaque
  • Dorothy Johnson
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    Dorothy Johnson
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    Lola's salad starter
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    cheesecake with mango and raspberry sauce
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    Pan-fried chicken, chive and whole-grain mustard with stuffed red pimento ricotta and rosemary
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    Lola and the Mayor of Croydon
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    Dorothy with the Mayor of Croydon

Congratulations go to our very own Dorothy Johnson for winning a Personal Achievement Award at the 2015 Croydon Community Civic Awards. And richly deserved it is too. Dorothy, founder and volunteer with the Ministry of Empowerment, was given the award for her tireless efforts in helping to provide services to the local community.

The award celebrates volunteers who make a huge contribution to the community even though they face great difficulties in their own lives because of their personal circumstances, health etc.

She was presented with the award at a ceremony at Fairfield Halls on 24th September 2015.

The Croydon Community Civic Awards honours the achievements of outstanding local people and voluntary groups and celebrate the boroughs unsung heroes who go that extra mile to help others.


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