Coffee Morning Diary by Sharon Mullins

Coffee Morning April 14th 2014

We had another meeting today with some of the women that registered with the W2W project that starts in May.

Our meeting was a good way to keep informed and to catch up with each others’ well-being.

Odette Small gave an excellent motivational talk on goals and how to achieve them, which went down very well. She is offering one-to-one coaching for a limited time for free. This is a good opportunity for those on this course to take.

The session went very well, we did some activities to help with well-being, such as discussions on how we feel with certain issues, it was a very good thing to talk about things that can affect us as individuals and how we felt on certain subjects.

As usual we ran out of time to discuss them all but it was really good to see the response and how it benefited the ladies. We thoroughly enjoyed how it makes you think and also inspire a person to actually take steps to do something positive about it.

One lady wants to offer her services for voluntary work and needs help in finding a post that will suit her.

Another lady wants to fund-raise and Woman2Woman can assist her to find a way to do this also.

I see it is important to give assistance to these ladies and support them in anyway we can.

Sharon Mullins    (Volunteer Youth Worker)

Ministry of Empowerment (Known as Women’s Ministry)

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