I have so much in my spirit about the wonderful things God did over the Empowering Family Conference held in Northamptonshire.

Firstly, I would like to thank God our Lord and Father for everything.  The Psalmist says   “Let everything that has breath praise the Lord” Psalm 150:6

Thank God for the Planning team that He put together to organise the Conference.  For ideas that flowed but that He left room for His Holy Spirit to move mightily in power amongst us.

Praise God for the prayer points and period of fasting leading up to the conference and those different aspects were covered in united prayers.  Thank you to the Prayer Team and Prayer Counsellors and everyone who soaked heaven with prayers.  God we give you thanks. “Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised” Psalm 48:1.

You prayed for God to cover the driver and our journey – He didn’t disappoint.  There were no problems and we couldn’t have asked for a nicer driver.  There was a sense of unity amongst us all there and I am sure many people experienced their deliverance, or are on their journey of new beginning in getting their breakthrough.

The New Beginnings Workshops – ‘Woman at the Well’, ‘Old Wine & New Wine Skins’, ‘Alpha & Omega and Mind, Body and Soul were truly enlightening.  Our brother inspired presentation of new wine and its fermentation process really brought understanding to another level and made the scripture come alive.  And, who could forget God is the beginning and the end, first and last.  He is our Healer, Redeemer and Deliverer.

Praise God for Ministers who moved under the power of His anointing – in song and in word.  Thank God for Sister Gwen who has a ministry that as she sings “the captives are set free”.  And for how Sister Gwen applied ‘New Beginnings’ and running the race so everyone could understand it – we give God all the Glory.  Thanks Sister Sofia for reminding us health and rest is important.

Thank God that Women’s Ministry is empowering and growing up women to know their gifting and be confident in using it.  We bless Minister Althea for submitting to God’s leading and allowing Him to deliver His word during the conference.

There were so many highlights – the Evening Gala where we had so much fun.  And then to finish it off, the Lord brought in a man who was seeking!!  Praise the Lord for Lesley, please continue to pray for him that he will find Jesus and have a personal relationship with Him.  We thank God for the new fruit He will develop.

The prayer breakfast was beyond awesome.  From the beginning God made Himself known.  The power of God was like a cloud in the room that seemed to get thicker (no, felt deeper in your spirit), as we went into what was prepared as outer court, right into the inner sanctuary.  My Lord and God I wished more people could have been there to experience it.

Bless those that were able to come to conference.  My wish is that you all will have the opportunity to do so for the next Retreat.  Try not to miss it, you will truly be blessed.

Annette Montague

Planning & Retreat Team


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