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On the 10 September 1999 Twelve Female Disciples embarked upon their First Missionary Journey to Ashburnham Place. Here they would be begin a weekend ‘Prayer and Praise Retreat’ in a little log cabin called the Carpenter’s Lodge.’ Before going any further, allow me to give you a brief history into how this place began.

Ashburnham Place is a Christian retreat, situated in Hastings at the heart of East Sussex. It is surrounded by 220 acres of landscape, with woods, beautiful gardens and glorious lakes.

The main house, which was the home of the Ashburnham family for over 800 years, was transformed into this wonderful haven in 1960 after many years of indecision. Reverend John Bickersteth, on inheriting Ashburnham, believed that he could not carry on the heritage of allowing such a wonderful place to simply remain a stately home. For many years he pondered and sought God’s guidance as to what he should do. Finally, God gave him the following scripture as an answer, but more importantly as a promise.

The glory of this present house shall be greater than of the former, saith the Lord oh hosts: and in this place will I give peace, saith the Lord of hosts. Haggai 2:9

Since then more than 10,000 people have traveled each year from various countries, and experienced the peace and presence of God. Indeed it would be a futile attempt to try and describe the ambience, the atmosphere, and the very presence of God that can be felt at Ashburnham Place.

This was the venue of our First Ministry Journey and where we all, some for the first time, truly experienced the power of God.



The Ministry of Empowerment supports women with a variety of needs, enabling them to realise their abilities and potential.

We provide a place for women to develop friendships and take part in activities that will enhance their confidence and sense of wellbeing, because we believe nobody should face life’s challenges alone. We also provide support for women’s families.

Our work is run by volunteers and funded through donations and events.

We are an umbrella organisation encompassing three separate projects: 

Women’s Ministry

The ministry side of our work focuses on spiritual and emotional wellbeing. We organise events, retreats and seminars to give women the chance to build deeper relationships with one another and develop their gifts. This side of the charity also exists to provide women time and space to develop their relationship with God. We welcome all women to our events, regardless of their beliefs or faith background, but our ministry has an emphasis on Christian values.

Youth in Partnership Project (YiPP)

Youth in Partnership Project provides events for disadvantaged young people aged 8yrs – 18yrs. We aim to enable young people to improve their educational achievements and reduce anti-social behaviour by building confidence and self -esteem, improving quality of life and overcoming social isolation. We also provide volunteering opportunities for the young people involved with YiPP.

Woman 2 Woman

Woman 2 Woman provides womenwith employability skills. We also enable women to develop their creativity as a means to building confidence and self-esteem. We offer counselling, pampering, IT and CV writing workshops, and much more. We aim to meet individual needs, as and when they arise.