MOE Presents…A Summer of (Self) Love

The only constant in life is change. In this ever-changing world of ours, maybe you would like to make changes in your life and do not know how. Once again, this is where the Ministry of Empowerment comes in.

As part of our ‘Free 2Be Me’ and ‘Sisters Doing It Together’ summer programme of events we offer you the chance to make changes to your life, changes that can benefit you and those around you.

We do this with a series of activities including:

DARE TO DREAM – Envisage Your Path

Life is a journey, yet not everyone knows where they are headed or where they want to go. Our ‘Dare to Dream’ sessions will help provide a valuable opportunity to focus on your path in life. What is you you want to do? What do you feel most passionate about?

These sessions are an opportunity to focus on what drives you. During them you get the chance to create a portfolio that accurately reflects who you are right now. Ultimately, this should put you on the first steps toward a journey toward professional and personal success.

MIND & BODY CONNECTION – You Are Beautiful

The aim of the summer programme is to work on ALL of you. The ‘Mind & Body Connection’ aims to do this by tuning you into the intertwined relationship between body and mind. Connections have been made between our mental health and the health of our bodies and these sessions will help you understand the relationship between the two.

These sessions get into the essence of who you really are. Their goal is to help you learn and understand the importance of developing your emotional intelligence. The sessions also cover the importance of self-love, because when you love yourself you truly control your happiness.

FREE 2B ME – You Are the Future

The final part of the programme has more of a conversational aspect to it.

It is important to understand that, as human beings, we all have a inbred desire to be liked. However, having the courage to express yourself often means saying unpopular things. This part of the programme should give you the confidence to stand up for the issues you believe in and get you thinking about how to encourage societal change for the better.

This could involve something as simple as listening to the inspiring facilitators in these sessions and learning from their stories. Either way, once you have taken the programme,  you should have an idea of where you are going in life and have developed the confidence to get there in a healthy state of body and mind.


To view the full programme scroll to the image at the bottom of this page.

Dates: Monday 31st July to Wednesday 16th August (inclusive)

Venue: Cornerstone House, 14 Willis Road, Croydon CR0 2XX

Times: 10am-3pm


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For more information please contact us.


Phone (office): 0208 684 5857

Phone (office): 07432 155 916

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