July 2016 Arise and Shine

Early Morning Prayer & Praise

Edition: July 2016

Topic: Restoration / Forgiveness

Bible Scriptures: Isaiah 60: 1      2 Samuel 9:1-11

Co-ordinators: Min Althea Smith & Lola Adeyi

Following on from the topic discussed in June Edition of our Early Morning Monthly Prayer & Praise by Min Gwen Madden on ‘Rise to Serve’, there were four Keys mentioned that every Christian need to understand that is necessary within the service ministry.

4 Keys –  Arise to Serve

LOVE: Jesus loved his disciples so much he washed their feet just to show his service to them. Likewise as followers of Christ, we are to sincerely love one another just as Christ loves us.

MOVED: there needs to be an objective for you to want to serve. Without objective, service is in vain

DE-ROBE: it is vital that Christians are willing to come out of their comfortable settings/positions and try something new even if it means getting dirty. Jesus shows us an example when he de-robed his kingship just to wash the feet of his disciples, and also by dying on the cross

OVERCOME: victory is the result that stems out of rightful service. Christ overcame death in victory after he had been subject to all sorts just to give us Salvation.

Bearing all these in mind, July opens her doors to embrace and remind us that all we have been through is for the glory of God and now it’s time to RECOVER all that has been deprived from us. And in order to receive, we must be willing to FORGIVE, let go and let God take control.

Isaiah 60:1 commands us to “Arise and Shine for our light has come and the glory of the Lord is risen upon us”. This command requires that individuals make a prompt action required for restoration to take place as there will be lots of movement needed to ensure that whilst the light is on, all the blessings are seen and retrieved.

However, in order for full restoration to take place, Christians must be willing to FORGIVE and allow God to take control.

  • You must first and foremost, Forgive Yourself and Accept Forgiveness.
  • Give the baggage to God, let him sort it out
  • Keep praying and meditating on the Word of God
  • Never give up, Keep Walking/Arise
  • Remember, the coming of the Lord is at Hand

One might say………. ‘It’s easier said than done to forgive, It wasn’t my fault that I am in this state, condition, predicament, or whatever name assigned to the situation’

As we look into God’s word 2 Samuel 9:1-11, we read about the story of Mephiboshete.

He is a man that due to NO FAULT OF HIS OWN, grew up with a disability that placed him at a disadvantage within society. And to make matters worse, he’s being De-robed of the privileges that come from his heritage (Mephiboshete is the Grandson to King Saul, Son of Jonathan, next in line to the throne of his father according to law but through Grace, David is made King which places the lineage of King Saul at a dis-advantage)

Looking through the lives of the Mephiboshete, we can relate to his situation in our lives, finding ourselves in situations that look hopeless but Isaiah 60:1 is speaking to us today just as the GLORY OF THE LORD SHONE ON MEPHIBOSHETE. God caused King David to remember Saul (2 Sam 9:3) – the same way God will assign the relevant people to remember you.


Do bear in mind that although Mephiboshete was first identified with his limitation, the key point is HE WAS REMEMBERED. Although people can use our situation/weakness to identify us, God will use the same to TURN THINGS AROUND FOR OUR GOOD.

A search party had to locate Mephiboshete in Lodebar (in the house of Machir – 2 Sam 9:4) which teaches us to try and be in the right location with the right people, for when the blessings are delivered, an address is needed as is a description of who to contact in order to get to you.

2 Sam 9:7-11 reveals what RESTORATION looks like.

We are encouraged to HOLD on to God, for in due season all will revealed.

In conclusion, July embraces the Joy that RESTORATION is long due for the children of God and they in return should be open to receive the blessings in whatever format it comes.

Remember, Mephiboshete disadvantage worked in his favour, your dis-advantage will work to your Advantage in Jesus’ Name


Written by Lola Adeyi