Interview with mentor, coach and counsellor Deborah Martin-Garcia

On 28th May 2015, the Ministry of Empowerment held a networking lunch for various organizations and individuals within the Croydon area. During this lunch we were asked to talk to at least one person and get to know what they did and why they were at the lunch. I was fortunate enough to speak to Deborah Martin-Garcia, and the more I learned about her work, the more I realized more people needed to know about what she does.

So it came to pass that on Wednesday 10th June I interviewed Deborah Martin-Garcia at the MOE offices. It was wonderful to get to know her, her motivations, and what she has planned for the future. Our chat lasted well over an hour and I hope to capture the essence of that in this summary.

What is it you do Deborah? I’m a Dream Facilitator. For years I’ve been going to church and God has allowed me to speak prophetically in people’s lives and help give their lives purpose. What I do is mentor and coach people. I am also a qualified counsellor. I allow people to accomplish their goals with practical help from start to finish.

How did you get into mentoring? It’s not something I’ve always wanted to do, it’s something I’ve just done. Six months into going to church I realized my gift. I believe it’s God-given. I’ve always wanted to help and serve people. God has allowed me to see into their lives and give them direction. I have also mentored and coached my children, friends and family and from there I branched out and now getting clients

What are your goals for mentoring going forward? For example, do you plan on starting an organization?  I don’t know if I’m going to start an organization.  It’s something I’m working on. I will be focusing on empowering women who has come out of domestic abuse. I am also branding myself, letting women in particular know I’m here to inspire and empower them to fulfil their purpose.

You were a teenage mother. What is the one piece of advice you would give someone in the same situation? Never give up on your dreams. I was told I was not going to be nothing and I believed it. The more I was told that I wouldn’t amount to anything, the more I believed it. Don’t allow anyone, even yourself, to talk you out of your dreams.

What if you’re around people, say friends and family, are always putting you down? Find somebody positive. The world is a small place now. Put “teenage mother mentor” in Google and you’ll find someone to motivate and empower you.  Inspiration can be from a blog, a podcast or YouTube. These days you’re no longer locked into friends and family for support. You can even connect with me, you are not alone.

Tell me more about the book “The Journey of a teenage Mother.” The book is designed to help change the perspective and perception of teenage mothers. Not every teenage mother is promiscuous or rebellious. The book is an empowerment tool which transcends racial lines,cutting across age and gender to appeal to a mass market. The former teenage mothers share their pass fears and current triumphs in the hope of empowering and inspiring people across the globe.

When you were a teenage mother was the father around? He was eight years older than me and wasn’t ready for fatherhood. He’s gone on to have other children, so the way I look at it he wasn’t mentally or emotionally prepared at the time.

What keeps you going now? The fact I have a purpose. God has given me a purpose, one which makes me want to wake up in the morning, makes me want to impact the world and do good. My children and grandchildren keep me going with their love, support and my desire to leave a legacy is what causes me to work harder.

What are you up to right now? At the moment I am writing a book on how people can empower themselves. Giving them tools to change their belief systems and build new ones. I’m writing 500 words a day and have given myself a goal of completing it late this year with a view to releasing it early 2016. I am also a radio presenter on One Harmony Radio Every Thursday 7-9pm inspiring more people.

How did you get into writing? It started in 2013 when I was given the opportunity  to be one of the authors of the book “The journey of a Teenage Mother” that brought out the writer in me. I hadn’t written anything like this before that. I was asked to write 1,500 words and ended up writing 7,500! That lit a fire within me.


Contact Deborah Martin-Garcia

We shall have another interview with Debbie before the launch of her book. In the meantime, for those how want to find out more about her and book a free consultation, please use the following contact information:

The book The Journey of a Teenage Mother is available on Debbie’s website.




Instagram: Debbie_mg


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