Board Members 2015


    Dorothy Johnson
    Founder of Ministry of Empowerment

    Faith Thomas
    Qualified tutor in Post Compulsory Education and a very competent communicator Nicole Dryden
    Skills and experience in mentoring mentored young people encouraging them to reach their full potential.

    Angelica Dalrmple
    Experience and qualified lecturer and counsellor. Organiser of overseers events

    Gloria Williams
    Experience fundraiser and gives an listen ear. Loves working with young people to encourage and support them.

    Min Althea
    Qualified counsellor. Experience in finance, event planning and facilitating seminars.

    Lurline Deslandes
    Skilled caterer. Experience befriender and fundraiser. Able to network with local community

    Min Gwen
    Experienced manager for many different third sector organisations and supported staff through the process of change. Able to extend ministry to the east midlands region.

    Charlene Nelson
    Skills and experience in oversees events. Willing to encourage and give a help hand. Has 12 years Secretarial experience.


Caroline Thomas-Asante
Advisory capacity and skills and experience in mediation, web hosting, decision making and handling conflict

Natalie Rigg
Experience and skills in book keeping and culinary arts.

Lesley Carr
Qualified Accountant with experience and skills in administration

Sandra Bennet
Management skill and able to work with own initiative or within group experience in identifying areas for improvement and implementing strategies for growth.